The bats were never a problem. In fact, we depended on them. We were a small village. And while most might see the bats as monsters, we knew better. The bats that lived in our attics weren't there to cause mischief or frighten us. They ate the insects and little things that could destroy our crops and homes. The bats were our friends. [[That's why when they disappeared, things really got scary.]] One day, they just all left. At first we thought everything would be okay, and we tried to get by. By the end of spring, barely any of our crops had survived. There was talk of bats disappearing from all over by the merchants who passed through our dwindling town. Rumors that they had been seen all flying to the north, towards the mountains. The mayor, my father, and the other landowners of the village gathered to discuss what they were going to do about the situation. [[Eavesdrop]] [[Barge In]]I heard them planning to hire a hero to bring back the bats, plans for someone to go to the city and find someone to take up the task. And I began to make my own plans as I sat there beneath the window of town hall, listening to what everyone had to say. I couldn't just sit back and not try to help my village. I had to help bring back the bats. So I decided that night, I would... [[Stowaway on the truck headed for the city]] [[Go alone]]"I'm going to help," I said as I barged through the doors of town hall and into the meeting where they were planning what to do. "And what are you going to do Beatrice?" the mayor said, my father looked at me with embarrassment. "This is no task for a little girl. Go home, child." And I was escorted from the building. I'd show them. I was going to help. That night I would... [[Stowaway on the truck headed for the city]] [[Go alone]]They packed the truck that evening so it'd be ready in the morning. The back was packed with supplies and what could be spared to pay the hero they planned to hire to save our village. I packed my things and waited for the town to go quiet. I snuck out while the people slumbered, and hid in the tarp covered boxes and crates that were set to go. [[Waiting]]I ran on home and began my planning, packing my things in my backpack. I waited for the town to go quiet. I snuck out while the people slumbered, running down the packed dirt road that lead to the city with nothing but the light of the moon and the stars to guide me. [[The night was quiet]]I could hear the chirping of bugs in the woods around me as I walk along, so I was started when I started hearing something moving in the trees to either side of the road. [[Run Faster]] [[Investigate]]I picked up my pace as I raced on down the packed dirt road. I came to a crossing in the path, and I decided to... [[Go left]] [[Go right]]I headed towards the sound that I heard from the side of the road, and to my surprise, tangled in the branches of a willow tree... [[I found a bat]]I darted down the the road to the left and found that it hadn't been maintained all that well. I kept going as far and I could Until I [[found the river]]. I ran on down the right road and away from the sound I heard on the side of the road. It was quiet for the rest of the night, and I walked along until I could see the sun rising. [[On to the city]]It was scared and struggling so it took a bit of work for my to climb up and untangle it from the branches. As soon as it was freed it flew off, circling the tree once before heading back in the direction I had come from. I dusted myself off before I headed back on down the road, walking until morning light. [[On to the city]]It was dark under the tarp in the back of the truck, and I managed to fall asleep among the supplies and crates in the back of the truck. A deep enough sleep that I didn't notice the truck starting up and driving away early in the morning. There was some ruckus at some point and I [[woke up to see what was going on]] I had to stop when I got to the river. It wasn't deep here, but there was also no bridge here anymore. It had been washed away a couple years back and since then a newer bridge had been put in further up the river. I looked behind me, still hearing something back there and I knew I had two options. [[Follow the river]] [[Cross the River]]I ran along the river bed, following it as it bent and curved. A few miles down the river, was a bridge and a road and I followed it [[On to the city]]I had on boots, but the river was deeper than I had expected, water coming up over the tops and quickly filling them up. I grimaced and trudged on along to the other side. I plopped down on the far side and took off my boots and dumping them out, half expected to dump a fish back into the river. I rung out my socks and put them back on, followed by the boots and went on down the old road, listening to the squelching sound of my steps. [[On to the city]]I let out a sigh at the sight of the sun rising, light pouring into the valley and casting a shadow of the walls of the city into the open field. I walked on out of the trees and picked up pace as I headed on towards the city gates. [[the city]]The truck had been parked, and I peeked my head on out, blinking in the early morning light. I could see that my surroundings had been changed, definitely in the city. And there, working at the lock of the door was some scruffy looking teenager, looking around nervously as he tried to get the door open. [[scare him off]] [[beat him up]] I jumped up, throwing the tarp back and shouting. He obviously hadn't been expecting anyone to be in the truck. He let out a squeaky cry and fell back before scrambling to his feet and running off away from the truck. I hopped on out and went to check out things around [[the city]].I jumped up from under the tarp and swung myself over the side of the truck, landing one of my boots square in his shoulder. He let out a cry and before I could bring my arm up to punch him, he scrambled to his feet and ran off crying like a baby. I stuck my tongue out at his back and then went to go check things out around [[the city]].Thank you for playing this demo of Wingin' It! Wingin' It is still currently a work in progress and feedback is very much appreciated. You can send feedback through my ask section on tumblr.